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Email us at 60fss.afrc.volunteers@us.af.mil
Call us at 707-424-2486


Frequently Asked Questions



Question:  So what happened to SharePoint?

Answer:  SharePoint, although it was a great website for service members and DOD civilians to advertise and learn about volunteer opportunites, not everyone had access to the website, so in an effort to reach the Travis community, the Volunteer program is now located here.

Question:  What is the benefit of the program being online?

Answer:  Well there are many benefits, but mainly this program gives us the ability to see the amount of money & time volunteers save the Travis community, while giving the volunteer the ability to track their own service hours.

Question:  I volunteered for an event that I scheduled from my volunteer service account, however the volunteer service does not appear in my volunteer service account (My Service History tab), what should I do?

Answer:  The event coordinator must post your volunteer hours.  Contact the Event POC by email or the Base Volunteer Coordinator at 60fss.afrc.volunteers@us.af.mil to ensure this information is reflected in your volunteer service account.  If this information is not reflected within 72 hours of the event, contact the Base Volunteer Coordinator at the email address listed above. 

Question:  My child would like to volunteer? What is the next step?

Answer:  Youth, 17 years and younger must register at the Airman & Family Readiness Center.  All youth are required to have parental consent & a parent must complete this form before they can be a registered volunteer.  Stop by or call the A&FRC at 707-424-2486 to begin the process. 

Question:  Are you able to advertise a volunteer request for our squadron function/fundraiser?

Answer:  Sorry, we do not advertise volunteer requests for squadron functions/fundraisers.  If however your unit has been tasked with a base-wide function and needs volunteers, complete the Special Events/Volunteer Request form found on the Volunteer Resources page.  From the Volunteering at Travis drop down menu, select Resources and you will find the Special Events form here...complete and submit to 60fss.afrc.volunteers@us.af.mil.  


Question: I am under 18 years old and would like to volunteer, how do I register?

Answer:  Minors are required by law to have parental consent.  Your parent(s) must accompany you to the Airman & Family Readiness Center to complete the parental consent form before you register as a volunteer.

Question:  Am I required to register as a volunteer with the Travis AFB Volunteer program if I want to volunteer on-base?

Answer:  Yes, if you are interested in volunteering in any capacity on-base, you are required to complete a volutneer registration form.  If your volunteer service is done off-base then you are not required to be a registered volunteer with Travis.  However if you wish to track any of your volunteer hours, you will need to complete the online registration form at www.travisafrc.com (select Volunteering at Travis) to become a registered volunteer & have your own volunteer service acount.


Question:  I forgot my email and or passowrd, how can I retrieve this?

Answer:  You will need to contact the Base Volunteer Coordinator to have your login reset.  E-mail your request to 60fss.afrc.volunteers@us.af.mil.  

Question:  What should I do if my unit/office is not listed?

Answer:  Email the Base Volunteer Resource Coordinator at 60fss.afrc.volunteers@us.af.mil.  The Program coordinator is able to add your unit & make corrections to your unit information & update volunteer service record. 


Question: What should I do if I will PCS/Retire/Separate?

Answer:  If leaving Travis AFB/military, please email an account deactivation request to 60fss.afrc.volunteers@us.af.mil.   Your account will be deactivated, or go inactive if there is more than 90 days of inactivity. 

Question:  What happens if I deploy for more than 90 days?

Answer:  Your account will go into an inactive status and your record will be archived.  Upon your return, notify the base Volunteer Resource Coordinator at 60fss.afrc.volunteers@us.af.mil, and your account will be reinstated.  You will not lose your volunteer service record or hours you've previously tracked. 


 Question:  When accessing the volunteer website on base, I keep seeing "Content blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate," or I am unable to see the headers, what does this mean? Should I continue with visiting this website?

Answer:  Select "Display Blocked Content" under the secruity heading.  Please note, this website will not harm your computer, in short, this error message simply means this is not an offiical Air Force website (ex. training website).  Once the website has been added to the official network secruity system, you should be able to navigate through the website pretty easily!

Question:  How do I manage/track my volunteer hours for on/off-base volunteer services?

Answer:  You will need to access your volunteer service record at www.travisafrc.com.   From the main Volunteering at Travis page, click on the "Login Here," icon listed at the top of the page.  Enter the email address you used to register with your password. 

 Question:  How do I sign-up for an event?

Answer:  Log into your volunteer service record at www.travisafrc.com, under the "My Schedule," tab. under the "My Schedule," tab, view upcoming volunteer opportunities by date/month.  Click on any date with a "Help Wanted" sign to find out more details about the event(s).  After an event name you will see a link titled "Job Description," this is where you will find POC/event location details.  If you are interested in volunteering for an event, just click on the green "Schedule Me" button to your right at hooray....you're scheduled to be a volunteer!       

Question:  If I no longer wish to volunteer for a particular event, how do I remove myself/volunteer information?

Answer:  Log into your volunteer service record at www.travisafrc.com, under the "My Schedule," tab you will need to select the date/service you signed up for. Next you will click on the green "Remove Me" button to remove yourself from this volunteer listing.  That's it! 

Question:  So if I volunteer for my squadron car wash/unit event, am I able to track these hours?

Answer:  Yes!  When you log into your volunteer service record, just go to the "time sheet" tab, select the date, choose the start & end times.  Next using the drop down menu, "Which assignment did you serve in?" select Squadron Car Wash, etc.   


Question:  What if I do not see the agency I would like to volunteer with listed on the volunteer registration form?

Answer:  Here is an explanation for areas of interest listed on the registration form:

  • Trackable Agencies - are those while not completely managed by our system, are still trackable with your Volunteer Account.  Opportunities for these agencies will show up on the Volunteer Opportunity Listing and are listed as "Miscellaneous Events," on the volunteer registration form
  • Partnered Agencies - those agencies listed on the registration that use our system to manage their volunteer programs.  They are represented on the Volunteer Application Form as options that will communicate with you when a volunteer opportunity arises that may interest you.  Their opportunities are also viewable on the Volunteer Opportunity Listing (Volunteering at Travis main page).

Question:  The agency I am interested in volunteering with, is not listed on the Travis AFB agency page.  What should I do?

Answer:  Contact the Base Volunteer Coordinator at 60fss.afrc.volunteers@us.af.mil.   Discuss your desire for Travis AFB to partner with that agency & the Base Volunteer Coordinator will work to develop a base-wide partnership with this agency.  There is no guarantee that we can partner with every suggestion, however we will work to make these partnerships if they comply with installation regulations.   


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