Airman & Family Readiness Center’s

Relocation Assistance Program

Whether new to the military or nearing retirement, Service members and their families can expect to be called upon to relocate to another state or country, known as a permanent change of station or PCS. Moving can be full of new opportunities and new experiences – each one a little different.  Moving can also present challenges and stressors.  The Travis AFB Airman and Family Readiness center should be your first stop.  Our dedicated staff can help connect you to the right resources at the right time to make your move as smooth and seamless as possible.

Relocating to Travis AFB?

Gateway to the Pacific

Congratulations on your assignment to Travis Air Force Base!  We stand ready to assist during your transition. Travis AFB is a great place to live and work.  Located 50 miles from San Francisco, 40 miles from Sacramento, and 135 miles from Lake Tahoe, there are an abundance of year-around activities in the local area.

Contacting your Sponsor

All Service members will be assigned a Sponsor.
  Not sure who your Sponsor is?  Contact your gaining unit or the Travis Military Personnel Flight at (707) 424-8483. 

Are you a new spouse to Travis? Interested in learning about opportunities in professional development and networking with a focus on the unique challenges faced by career-minded spouses? Contact the Hiring Our Heroes Military Spouse Professional Network! Facebook: Travis AFB - HOH Military Spouse Professional Network.



Newcomers' Orientation occurs bi-weekly on Thursday (except Federal Holidays, Wing Family Days and unless otherwise specified). Newcomers’ Orientation consists of two parts.  Part I is held from 0720-1150 at the Base Theater, 469 1st Street, Travis AFB. Doors open at 0710. Participants MUST be seated by 0720 as the Orientation begins with opening remarks by the 60AM WCC. Participants have approximately an hour for lunch before Part II begins. Participants must return from lunch by 1250.  Newcomers' Orientation is MANDATORY for all active-duty personnel, regardless of unit of assignment or prior assignment to Travis AFB.  Spouses of active duty personnel and DoD civilian employees may attend. All participants MUST register.  


Spouse   Newcomers'  Orientation

The Spouse Newcomer Orientation is designed to introduce new Spouses to life at Travis AFB.  In addition to learning about the area and its resources, participants have the opportunity to connect to fellow new Spouses.  The Spouse Newcomer Orientation consists of two parts.  Part I includes a Key Spouse “nice/need” to know session, a resource briefing, and an information table.  Part II consists of a minibus tour of the base, with stops at the hospital, Outdoor Recreation, and the PAX (passenger) terminal, followed by a free luncheon.  Spouses must attend Part I to be eligible for Part II, and registration for each part is separate.  




Plan My Move – PCS Workshop

Relocating from Travis AFB?  If this is your first PCS or your fifth, our A&FRC staff can help guide you through the steps to a smooth move.  Register to attend the ‘Plan My Move’ briefing for a relocation assistance overview. Target audience are OCONUS & SM's less than 4 years in service.  All are welcome.


Remote Tour Briefing (R2 Expo)

Personnel with dependents AND orders to a remote tour/dependent restricted location (meaning your dependents will NOT be accompanying you at your next location on your unaccompanied tour) MUST complete the A&FRC Remote Tour Briefing.   The briefing is held every Tuesday and Friday (unless otherwise specified) at 1000-1100 hours. To complete your vMPF A&FRC Tasking for CONUS/OCONUS Relocation, you MUST attend a briefing.  Spouses are highly encouraged to attend. Registration is required. 


Take Advantage of

Mil one source.PNG
plan my move.PNG
mil installations.PNG

Plan My Move enables you to create a custom checklist for your move. Filled with information about the tasks you need to complete and how to complete them, your checklist is tailored to the unique needs that you or your family have throughout the PCS process.

•     Installation Programs/Services Directory

•     Major Units Directory (with phone numbers)

•     Create Customized Booklets

•     Installation Overview, Check-in Procedures, &               Base Essentials

•     Details on Moving, Transportation, Housing,                 Medical, Legal, Child and Youth Services,                     Medical, Family Services and more!

All Air Force Personnel assigned as Sponsors must take the Military OneSource eSAT (Electronic Sponsorship Application Training). Register on the MilLife LEARNING site to complete the required training and learn how to be an excellent resource to your incoming members and their families!

Child Care for PCS Program

Program is intended to help families who are in the process of a PCS move. All ranks may be eligible for 20 hours of free child care, per child, at both the base you are departing from and the base where you are arriving for up to 60 days. The childcare will be provided only in licensed Family Child Care Homes. Visit the Airman & Family Readiness Center to receive your voucher.

The Housing Management Office (HMO) is ready to support you in the transition to your new home and community. 

Travis AFB Veterinary Clinic

Travis Veterinary Clinic is located at 411 Lane Street, Bldg 543, Travis AFB, CA 94535. Travis Veterinary Clinic can be reached by their main phone number at (707) 424-3010.

Local Area

Located in Solano County near the cities of Fairfield, Suisun City and Vacaville, Travis is located
midway between Sacramento, the state capital and San Francisco, the cultural heart of the
West Coast. 

For the Family

When arriving to a new base, you and your family may have concerns regarding
housing, childcare, schools and medical service. Travis AFB and the surrounding
communities offer a wide selection to meet the needs of a military family; so rest
assured, you are in good care. 


The A&FRC Relocation Program is here to support Sponsors and Command Support Staff who are charged with managing and monitoring the unit level Sponsorship Program.  For an overview of the Unit Sponsorship Program, see “Official Sponsorship Process” below.   

Sponsors:  The first step to becoming a successful Sponsor is taking the e-sponsorship application training (eSAT).  This is a Department of Defense training, is mandated for all new Sponsors and Sponsors who have not taken the eSAT training within the year prior to a new Sponsorship assignment.   Training certificates must be submitted to your unit Command Support Staff for unit Sponsorship Program recordkeeping.  In addition to offering the Sponsorship training, this site provides Sponsors with information on the MilitaryInstallations and Plan My Move websites.  It also provides a sample welcome letter, a Sponsorship duty checklist, and a Newcomer and Family needs assessment, which should be tailored to fit the needs of the inbound member and their Family.

Command Support Staff:  Command Support Staff are tasked with managing and monitoring unit Sponsorship Programs.  They are encouraged to take the eSAT training to become familiarized with the official role of the Sponsors they assign and the resources available to incoming members. 

Area Resources:  A comprehensive source of resources at Travis AFB and in the surrounding areas is available on the MilitaryInstallations.   Command Support Staff, Sponsors, and incoming members are encouraged to contact the Relocation Assistance Program manager for assistance, guidance, and resources


  • Sponsor is notified of sponsorship appointment by Commander Support Staff 

  • Sponsor MUST complete eSAT online training

  • Sponsor submits training certificate to Commander Support Staff

  • Sponsor downloads the Sponsor Checklist and Newcomer Needs Assessment (available through the My Training Hub account)

  • Sponsor contacts the inbound member with initial needs assessment, recommending self-serve use of the MilitaryInstallations and Plan My Move websites

  • Sponsor meets initial assessment needs of Newcomer and continues to provide all pre-move, arrival, and post-move assistance and guidance in accordance with the checklist

  • Upon Newcomer arrival, Sponsor provides settling-in services, ensures members complete all in-processing requirements, ensures members register for the Newcomer Orientation, and informs Family members of the next Spouse Newcomer Orientation


Other Questions? 
Contact Base Relocation Program Manager at the Airman and Family Readiness Center at 707-424-2486